Genus: Tamboeria SEELEY, 1904
Etymology: In reference to Tamboer Fontein, (Spring), South Africa where the fossil was found.

Species: maraisi SEELEY, 1904


Locality: Tamboer Fontein near Fraserburg, Free (Orange Free) State, South Africa.

Horizon: Middle Abrahamskraal Formation.

Biostratigraphy: Tapinocephalus zone (Dinocephalian zone KEYSER, 1979, SACS, 1980, KEYSER & SMITH, 1977-78, Lower Tapinocephalus zone, KITCHING, 1970, 1977, WATSON, 1914).

Age: Early Tatarian age, Guadelupian Stage, Middle Zeichstein Epoch, Middle Permian.

Material: Fragmentary skeleton.