Genus: Wannchampsus ADAMS, 2014
Etymology: In honor of Dr. Wann Langston, Jr., for his contributions to the study of Crocodylomorpha, latinized champsus, for the Greek suffix meaning crocodile.

Species: kirpachi ADAMS, 2014
Etymology: In honor of Wesley Kirpach, who was instrumental in the discovery and excavations of the type specimen.

Holotye: SMU 76604

Locality: SMU Locality 1, Proctor Lake, Comanche County, Central Texas.

Horizon: Twin Mountains Formation, Trinity Group.


Age: Comanchean, Lower Cashenranchian age, Late Aptian Stage, Middle Gallic subepoch, upper Early Cretaceous Epoch, Early Cretaceous.

Material: Partial skull and mandible.

Paratype: SMU 76605: Partial skull and mandible.

Referred material:

SMU 71486, 71487, 74550, 76819-76821: Vertebrae.

SMU 76818: Left dentary.

SMU 76822, 76823, 71488: Right coracoids.

SMU 76824, 76825: Right humeri.

SMU 76826: Left humerus.

SMU 76827: Left radius..

SMU 76828: Left ulna.

SMU 76829: Right ulnare.

SMU 76930: Right racial.

SMU 76831, 76832, 76833: Carpals.

SMU 76834: Osteoderm.

SMU 76835: Teeth.