Genus: Trialestes BONAPARTE, 1982
= Triassolestes REIG, 1963 non TILLYARD, 1918

Species: romeri (REIG, 1963) BONAPARTE, 1982
Etymology: In honor of Alfred S. Romer.
= Triassolestes romeri REIG, 1963

Holotype: PVL 2561

Locality: Hoyada Ischigualasto, department of Valle Fertil, San Juan Province, Argentina.

Horizon: Ischigualsto Formation.


Age: Late Carnian Stage, Late Triassic Epoch, Late Triassic.

Material: Right maxilla, jugal, quadratojugal, teeth, and dentary.

Referred material:

PVL 2559: Coracoid, fore limb, carpal bones, hind limbs, ilium, ischium, and cervical vertebrae.

FML PVL 3889: Portions of the forelimb other than the carpus, most of the pelvis and hind limb plus vertebrae.