Genus: Redondavenator NESBITT, IRMIS, LUCAS & HUNT, 2005
Etymology: Redonda, named after the Redonda Formation in which it was found, and Latin, venator, "hunter."
= Genus: Nova HUNT, LUCAS & HARRIS, 1998

Species: quayensis NESBITT, IRMIS, LUCAS & HUNT, 2005
Etymology: In renference to the Quay County, East-Central New Mexico, were the specimen was found.

Holotype: NMMNH P-25615

Locality: NMMNH Locality 2671, Apache Canyon, Eastern Quay County, East-Central New Mexico.

Horizon: Upper Duke Ranch Member, Upper Redonda Formation, Chinle Group.

Biostratigraphy: Apachean characteristic assemblage.

Age: Apachean, Late Norian Stage- Rhaetian Stage, Upper Late Triassic Epoch, Late Late Triassic.

Material: Anterior portion of skull, incomplete scapula and coracoid found in close association with anterior portion of skull.
Note: Skull 50 cm.

Redondavenator quayensis modifie from NESBITT, IRMIS, LUCAS & HUNT, 2005