Genus: Pehuenchesuchus TURNER & CALVO, 2005
Etymology: In reference to the Pehuence region, in the Mapuche language, where the specimen was found and Greek, souchas, for the Egyptian crocodile-headed god.

Species: enderi TURNER & CALVO, 2005
Etymology: In honor of the fictional character Ender Wiggin, a character created by Orson Scott Card (Ender's Game).

Holotype: MAU-Pv-CRS-440

Locality: Canadon Rio Seco site, 2 km North of Rincon de los Sauces, Neuquen Province, Patagonia, Argentina.

Horizon: Rio Neuquen Formaiton, Neuquen Group.


Age: Neuquenian Tetrapoda Assemblage, Upper Turonian-Coniacian Stage, Lower Senonian Subepoch, Lower Gulf Epoch, Early Late Cretaceous.

Material: An isolated right dentary.

Pehuenchesuchus enderi (after Turner & Calvo, 2005).