Genus: Lorosuchus POL & POWELL, 2011
Etymology: Loro, in reference to the Rio Loro Formation, Tucuman Province, Argentina, in which this specimen was found, and Latinized Greek, souchus (suchus), that refers to the Egyptian crocodile god.

Species: nodosus POL & POWELL, 2011
Etymology: The species name nodosus refers to the particular ornamentation of the dorsal surface of the skull of this taxon, which strikingly resembles and the basal archosauriform Proterochampsa nodosa, both in the overall skull shape and ornamentation pattern.

Holotype: PVL 6219

Locality: Southern end of the Medina Range, 3 km east of El Cadillal Lake, from the margin of a small stream tributary of the Rio Loro, 26°36'06.68"S, 65°09'53.03"W, 22 km north of the city of San Miguel de Ducuman, Tucuman Province, Argentina.

Horizon: Rio Loro Formation.


Age: Middle-Late Palaeocene Epoch, Lower Paleogene Period, Lower Tertiary Subera, Cenozoic Era.

Material: Almost complete skull found in articulation with the lower jaws and fragmentary postcranial remains.