Genus: Litargosuchus CLARK & SUES, 2002
Etymology: Greek, litargos, "running fast" and Greek, soukhos, "crocodile": In reference to the inferred cursorial habits of this crocodylomorph reptile.

Species: leptorhynchus CLARK & SUES, 2002
Etymology: Greek, leptos, "thin, delicate" and Greek, rhynchos, "snout, muzzle."
= Pedeticosaurus sp GOW & KITCHING, 1988

Holotype: BP/1/5237

Locality: From the farm Eagles Crag, Barkley East, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa.

Horizon: Upper Elliot Formation, Stromberg Group, 2 m below the contact with the Clarnes Formation.


Age: Hettangian-Lower Sinemurian Stage, Lower Lias Epoch, Early Jurassic.

Material: Skull and a nearly complete skeleton.

Litargosuchus leptorhynchus (modified from Clark & Sues, 2002).