Genus: Kayentasuchus CLARK & SUES, 2002
Etymology: Kayenta, in refernce to the Kayenta Formation, Coconino County, NE Arizona, from which the holotype was collected and Greek, soukhos, "crocodile."
=Kayentasuchus CLARK, 1986 in BUSCALIONI, 1993 (nomen nudum)

Species: walkeri CLARK & SUES, 2002
Etymology: In honor of Alick D. Walker for his many contributions to our understanding of Sphenosuchus and other archosaurs.
= Kayentasuchus walkeri CLARK, 1986 in BUSCALIONI, 1993 (nomen nudum)

Holotype: UCMP 131830

Locality: Badlands at Willow Springs, Rock Head 7.5 Minute Quadrangle, Coconino County, NE Arizona.

Horizon: Near the middle of the Kayenta Formation, Glen Canyon Group, ‘silty facies of that unit.


Age: ?Sinemurian-Pliesbachian Stage, Middle Lias Epoch, Middle Early Jurassic.

Material: A nearly complete but fragmented skeleton including an incomplete skull with articulated mandibular rami, articulated trunk region, articulated right ilium and femur, another as yet unprepared postcranial bones.