Genus: Hsisosuchus YOUNG & CHOW, 1953

Species: chungkingensis YOUNG & CHOW, 1953

Holotype: IVPP V703

Locality: Said to be derived from Tatienwan, Fotoukwan near the city, Chungking, Sichuan (Szechwan) Province, China.

Horizon: Upper Shaximiao Formation.


Age: Late Jurassic.

Material: Skull and lower jaw.


Referred material:

Number: Not given: Part of dorsal scutes of the middle caudal region.

LI, WU & LI, 1994

Locality: Near Chongqing (Chungking) city, Sichuan (Szechwan) Province, China.

Horizon: Shangshaximiao Formation.


Age: Late Jurassic.


Chongqing Natural Museum, CNM V1090: Skull and fragmentary skeleton.

Species: dashanpuensis GAO, 2001
Etymology: In reference to the locality Dashanpu, Zigong, China.

Holotype: ZDM3405 (field number jc)

Locality: Dashanpu (Dashnapu Dinosaur Quarry), lat. 29°5’N, long. 104°50’E, situated 11 km east of Zigong City, 250 km south of Chengdu, Hechuan County, Sichuan Basin, Sichuan (Szechwan) Province, China.

Horizon: Xaishaximiao (Shaximiao) Formation.


Age: Bathonian-Callovian Stage (DONG & TANG, 1984), Middle-Upper Dogger Epoch, Middle Jurassic.

Note: Bajocian (CHEN et al. 1982), Lower Middle Dogger Epoch, Middle Jurassic.

Material: A complete skull 1 cervical, 1 lumbar vertebrae and 7 dorsal osteoderms.


Species: chowi PENG & SHU, 2005
Etymology: In honor of the late Professor Chow Minchen, Honorary Director of the Zigong Dinosaur Museum, in memory of his instruction to the senior author.

Holotype: ZDM 0146

Locality: Zigong Dairy Factory, Huidong, Zigong, southern Sichuan (Szechwan) Province, China.

Horizon: Lower part of Shangshaximiao Formation.


Age: Late Jurassic.

Material: Nearly complete skull, mandibles, most vertebrae, partial pectoral and pelvic girdles, most forelimbs, fragments of hindlimbs and osteoderms.

Hsisosuchus chowi (modified from Peng & Shu, 2005).