Genus: Eopneumatosuchus CROMPTON & SMITH, 1980
= Eupneumatosuchus CRUSH, 1984 (sic)

Species: colberti CROMPTON & SMITH, 1980
Etymology: In honor of Edwin Colbert, for his study of early crocodilians.

Holotype: MNA Pl. 2460

Locality: 11 miles NE of Cameron, approximately 5 miles north of "Dinosaur Canyon" of Colbert and Mook, 1951, between the southern 2 tributaries of 5 mile Wash, 35'58" latitude, 111'15" longitude,
Locality 79A/7, Coconino County, Arizona.

Horizon: Base of the Kayenta Formation.


Age: ?Sinemurian-Pliesbachian Stage, Middle Lias Epoch, Middle Early Jurassic.

Material: Braincase and skull roof.

Eopneumatosuchus colberti (modified from Crompton & Smith, 1980).