Genus: Nova SUES, CLARK & JENKINS, 1994
= Edentosuchus? nova CLARK, 1986

Holotype: UCMP 97638

Locality: UCMP locality V6889 the Pumpkin Patch, near Tuba City, near Moenkopi Point, Coconino County, Northern Arizona.

Horizon: Kayenta Formation.


Age: ?Sinemurian-Pliesbachian Stage, Middle Lias Epoch, Middle Early Jurassic.

Material: A skull and articulated mandibles.

Referred material:

UCMP 125395: A cranium.

UCMP 125871: Skull with mandibles and one epibranchial lacking the dorsal part of the braincase, articulated with the atlas, axis, and 2 cervical vertebrae.

UCMP 125358:

UCMP 125359: An eroded compressed braincase.

UCMP 125872: A right jugal and maxilla in articulation in a large block of unprepared material.

UCMP 125870: A very well-preserved braincase.