Genus: Batrachomimus MONTEFELTRO, LARSSON, de FRANCA, & LANGER, 2013
Etymology: The generic epithet (batrachian mimic) alludes to the fact that the type and only known specimen was firstly believed to represnt a temnospondyl "Amphibian" frm the Permian Pedra de Fogo Formation and also highlights the idea that from the Jurassic onwards, Crocodyliforms somewhat replaced Triassic temnospondyls in thier amphibious/piscivorous habits.

Species: pastosbonensis MONTEFELTRO, LARSSON, de FRANCA, & LANGER, 2013
Etymology: In reference to the stratigraphic provenance where the fossil was found.

Holotype: LPRP/USP-0617

Locality: Exposed at a previously unexplored site in the Altamira Creek area, 43°57'09.8"W, 6°39'48.24"S, about 15 km northeast of Nova Iorque, Maranhao State, Brazil.

Horizon: Pastos Bons Formation.


Age: Oxfordian-Kimmeridgian Stage, Malm Epoch, Late Jurassic.

Material: Partial skull, lacking most of the skull table, neurocranium and the left temporal region, nearly complte mandibles, adn disarticulated elements of the body armor and limbs.