Genus: Armadillosuchus MARINHO & CARVALHO, 2009
Etymology: Generic name from the Spanish, Armadillo popular name for extant cingulates (Dasypodidae) from the Latin armatus for armed-one, and Greek, souchos, "crocodile," leading to Latin Suchus.

Species: arrudai MARINHO & CARVALHO, 2009
Etymology: In honor of Joao Tadeu Arruda, who made many important fossil discoveries at General Salgado County in Sao Paulo State, Brazil.

Holotype: URFJ DG 303-R

Locality: Bauru Basin, General Salgado County, Sao Paulo State, Brazil.

Horizon: Adamantina Formation.


Age: Turonian Stage, Uppermost Gallic Subepoch-Santonian Stage, Lower Senonian Subepoch, Lower Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Material: Almost complete skull, complete cervical vertebrae and ribs, dorsal vertebrae and ribs, scapulae, a partial left coracoid, left humerus displaced anteriorly, left radius and ulna, most of the left manus, complete cervical osteoderm shield and seven bands of imbricated osteoderms.

Armadillosuchus arudai (modified from Marinho & Carvalho, 2009).

Armadillosuchus arudai (modified from Marinho & Carvalho, 2009).


MPMA-64-0001-04: Premaxillae broken at the rostral end and dorsal portioin, left maxilla broken after second left tooth and dorsal portion, right maxilla broken after the fourth tooth and dorsal portion, lower jaw almost complete at the mandibular symphysis.