Genus: Anthracosuchus HASTINGS, BLOCH & JARAMILLO, 2014
Etymology: Greek, anthraco-, "coal," referring to the coal mine in which the type locality is located, and Grek, -suchus, "crocodile."

Species: balrogus HASTINGS, BLOCH & JARAMILLO, 2014
Etymology: In reference to balrogus, the literary beast discovered within a deep mine, originally written by Tolkien (1954).

Holotype: UF/IGM 67

Locality: From the Cerrejon coal mine, Guajira Department, norteastern Colombia.

Horizon: Cerrejon Formation.


Age: Late Paleocene Epoch, Lower Paleogene Period, Lower Tertiary Subera, Cenozoic Era.

Material: Nearly complete skull from premaxilla to occipital condyle (missing medial portion of pterygoids and ventral baincase), nine ribs, seven vertebrae adn unidentifiable bone.


UF/IGM 68: Skull from partial premaxilla to occipital condyle (missing pterygoids and ventral braincase), right articular, five osteoderms, five vertebrae, eight ribs, distal pubis, distal ischium, haemal arch, three isolated teeth, proximal phalanx, sacral rib and unidentifiable bone.

Referred material:

UF/IGM 69: Skull from periorbital snout to posterior parital (missing all but a fragmetn of the pterygoids and the ventral braincase).

UF/IGM 70: Skull from premaxilla to quadratic condyles (missing pterygoids and ventral braincase).