Genus: Amargasuchus CHIAPPE,1988
Etymology: In reference to the La Amaraga Formation, Neuquen Province, Argentina and Greek, suchos, "crocodile."

Species: minor CHIAPPE, 1988
Etymology: Latin, minor, "minor, small."

Holotype: MACN-N-12

Locality: 70 km south of Zapala City, approximately 2.5 km southeast of the crossing between Arroyo La Amarga and National Road 40, Department Picun Leufu, Neuquen Province, Patagonia, Argentina.

Horizon: La Amaraga Formation.


Age: Amargan Tetrapod Assemblage, Barremian Stage, Lower Gallic Subepoch, Lower Early Cretaceous Epoch-Aptian Stage, Middle Gallic Subepoch, Upper Early Cretaceous Epoch, Early Cretaceous.

Material: Right maxilla.

Amargasuchus minor (modified from Chiappe, 1988).

Referred material:

Number: Not given: Distal end of a femur.