Genus: Zofiabaatar BAKKER & CARPENTER, 1990
Etymology: In honor of Zofia Kielan-Jaworowska, Polish paleontologist, Mongolian, Baatar, “hero”: Zofia’s hero.

Species: pulcheri BAKKER & CARPENTER, 1990

Holotype: UCM 42329 (incorrectly given as UCM 42239 in BAKKER & CARPENTER, 1990)

Locality: Main Breakfast Bench Quarry, UCM Loc. 80001, pine Tree Ridge, Sec. 13, Township 22, Range 76 West, Albany County, Wyoming.

Horizon: Member? Morrison Formation.

Biostratigraphy: Zone?

Age: Age?, Stage?, Malm Epoch, Late Jurassic.

Material: A left mandible with base of p1, and complete p2-4 and m1 (incorrectly identified and illustrated as a right dentary complete with LP2, 3, 4 and LM1, alveoli for LI1, LP1 and LM2. In BAKKER & CARPENTER, 1990).

Referred specimen:

CPS 50: Isolated left lower incisor.

BAKKER, 1998

Tate Museum4002: Note Bakker states this is the type number.

Tate Museum 4090: Lower incisor.