Genus: Pseudotribos LUO, JI & YUAN, 2007
Etymology: Greek, pseudo, "false," for superfical resemblance, and Greek, tribos, "grinding," for the grinding and crushing function of the pseudo-tribosphenic molar.

Species: robustus LUO, JI & YUAN, 2007
Etymology: Latin, robustus, "strong," for the stout limb bones of the new mammal.

Holotype: CAGS040811B, part and counterpart.

Locality: Daohugou locality, 41°18.979'N, 119°14.318'E, Ningcheng County, Inner Mongolia Region, China.

Horizon: Jiulongshan Formation.


Age: Upper Bathonian Stage, upper middle Dogger Epoch, Middle Jurassic.

Material: Fragmentary skull and partial skeleton.

Note: With impressions and carbonized residues of furs.