Genus: Potamotelses FOX, 1972
Etymology: Greek, potamos, “river”, “telses”, an anagram from Greek, lestes, “robber”: River thief.

Species: aquilensis FOX, 1972

Holotype: UP 8566

Locality: Locality UA-MR-6, exposed in Verdigris Coulee, about 18 mi (29 km) east of the village of Milk River, Warner County, Alberta Province, Canada.

Horizon: Milk River Formation.


Age: Aquilian age, Lower Campanian Stage, Aquilian in age, Senonian subepoch, Upper Gulf epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Material: A left upper second? molar (LM2)

Referred material:

UA 5577: A broken right upper molar.

UA 5576: A broken left lower molar.

UA 5575: A right lower molar.