Genus: Phascolotherium OWEN, 1838
Etymology: Greek, phaskolos, “pouch, bag”, Greek, therion, “beast, mammal”: Marsupial beast.

Species: bucklandi (BRODERP, 1828) OWEN, 1838
= Didelphys bucklandi BRODERP, 1828
= Thylacotherium bucklandi VALENCIENNES, 1838

Holotype: BMNH 112

Locality: Stonesfield Slate at Stonesfield, Oxfordshire County, England, Southern United Kingdom.

Horizon: Stonesfield.


Age: Middle Bathonian Stage, Middle Dogger Epoch, Middle Jurassic.

Material: Right ramus, internal aspect, nearly complete, with LI2-4, Lc, LP1-2 and LM1-4.

Referred material:

BMNH M2300: Cast of the Oxford specimen.

BMNH M7595: Right ramus, internal aspect with LP2 and LM1-4.

University Museum, Oxford.

I: Left ramus, internal aspect, with LI2 and 4 molars.

II: Model, enlarged 6 times, of the posterior part of a right ramus.