Gen. sp indet.

EATON, 1993

Locality: MNA locality 1067, Paunsaugunt Plateau, Utah.

Horizon: Dakota Formation.


Age: Age? Stage?, upper Middle Campanian Stage, upper middle Senonian subepoch, lower Gulf Epoch, Middle Cretaceous.


MNA V6312: RMx.


Locality: Tiupampa, Bolivia.

Horizon: Mammal-bearing level of the El Molino Formation.


Age: Maastrichtian Stage, Upper Senonian Subepoch, Upper Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.


MNHN Vil 125: Right UM3 or less probably an UM2.

MNHN Vil 103: A partial right UM4.

MNHN Vil 118: Left LM2.

MNHN Vil 127: Left LM4.

MNHN Vil 124: Left LM3 (?) missing tips of protoconid, metaconid, and part of hypoconulid.

MNHN Vil 128:" Left LP3, or less likely LP2.

MNHN Vil 129: Upper incisor.

MNHN Vil 126: Lower left canine, or less probably an upper right canine
MNHN Vil 108: A partial edentulous left mandible with three complete and two partial alveoli, probably representing those for LP3, LM1 and anterior root of LM2.

MNHN Vil 119: A partial edentulous left mandibular ramus with alveoli of LM4 and anterior edge of masserteric fossa.

MNHN Vil 116: A partial edentulous left mandibular ramus with alveoli of LM2-LM4 and anterior-most edge of masseteric fossa.