Genus: Paleoungulatum KELLY, 2014
Etymology: Greek, palaios, "old or ancient," in reference to its presumed occurrence in the late Cretaceous, and Latin, ungula, "hoof," in reference to archaic ungulates.

Species: hooleyi KELLY, 2014
Etymology: In honor of Kurtis W. Hooley, who discovered the holotype and referred specimens at the LLJS Quarry with the permission o fLewis nd Tawny McGill of McGill Land and Livestock Corportion. Without Hooley's and the McGill family's support, these specimens would not have been available for scientif study.

Holotype: LACM 157265

Locality: Lane's Little Jaw Site Quarry (= locaity LACM 7942): Powder River County, Montana.

Horizon: Hell Creek Formation?


Age: Lancian age, upper Maastrichtian Stage, uppermost Senonian subepoch, Upper Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Material: Partial left dentary wiht roots of p3 and complete p4-m3.

Referred material:

LACM 157262: Partial dentary with m1-3.

LACM 157263: Partial right dentary with p2-m1.

LACM 157264: LM2.

LACM 157266: Partial left dentary with partial m1 & m2-3.

LACM 157267: Partial right dentary with p3-m1.

LACM 157271: Partial edentulous dentaries.

LACM 157272: Associated m2 and m3.

LACM 157273: Partial right dentary wiht m1-3.