Genus: Montanalestes CIFELLI, 1999
Etymology : In reference to Montana, the state where the specimen was found, and Greek, lestes “ robber.”

Species: keelberorum (emend CIFELLI, 1999)
Etymology: In honor to the Keebler Family of Billings, Montana.
= Montanalestes keelberi CIFELLI, 1999

Holotype: OMNH 60793

Locality: OMMNH V1156, Carbon County, Montana.

Horizon: Basal unit VII, Cloverly Formation.


Age: Cashenranchian, Aptian-Albian Stage, middle Gallic subepoch, lower Cretaceous Epoch, Early Cretaceous.

Material: Associated dentaires with right p3-5, m1-3, and alveoli for p2, and left 5, m1-3.