Genus: Kryptotherium SIGOGNEAU-RUSSELL, 2003
Etymology: Greek, kruptos, "mysterous" and Greek, therios, "mammal"; allusion to the uncertain nature of this small mammal.

Species: polysphenos SIGOGNEAU-RUSSELL, 2003
Etymology: Greek, polus, "many" and Greek, sphenos, "wedge"; relative to the peculair molar morphology.

Holotype: SA 22

Locality: Anoual Syncline, Talsinnt Province, Morocco.

Horizon: Sequence B of the Red Beds.


Age: Berriasian Stage? lower Neocomian Subepoch, Lowest Early Cretaceous Epoch, Earliest Early Cretaceous.

Material: A right lower molar.

Referred material:

SA 34: Anterior part of a left lower ?premolar.

SA 69: A right lower molar.

SA 70: A right lower molar.

SA 101: A left lower molar.

Possible teeth.

SA 77: ?Left molar.

SA 33? Right molar.