Genus: Huasteconodon MONTELLANO, HOPSON, & CLARK, 2008
Etymology: In reference to the Huastecos, a Mesoamerican culture that existed between 750 BCE and 800 CE in La Huasteca, a region to the southeast of Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas State, Mexico, Greek, conos, "cone," and Greek, odontos, "tooth."

Species: wiblei MONTELLANO, HOPSON, & CLARK, 2008
Etymology: In honor of Dr. John R. Wible, in recognitioin of his important studies of Mesozoic mammals and mammalian phylogeny.

Holotype: IGM 6619

Locality: Huizachal Canyon, Municipio de Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas State, Mexico.

Horizon: Lowere part of the La Boca Formation.


Age: Early- Middle Jurassic.

Material: Fragment of a tiny left maxilla with 2 molars and alveoli of a third.