Genus: Haramiyavia JENKINS, GATSEY, SHUBIN & AMARAL, 1997
Etymology: Arabic (fem.), Haramiya, “trickster, petty thief”, and Latin, avia, “grandmother”.

Species: clemmenseni JENKINS, GATSEY, SHUBIN & AMARAL, 1997
Etymology: In honor of Lars B. Clemmensen, whose geological studies led to the discovery of the Fleming Fjord fauna.

Holotype: Museum of Comparative Zoology, MCZ 7/G95

Locality: N 71°32.98’, W 22°55.188’, altitude ~670m, north side of Aerenprisdal at the intersection with Pingel Dal, Jameson Land, East Greenland.

Horizon: Tait Bjerg Beds, Ørsted Dal Member, Fleming Fjord Formation.


Age: ?Norian-Rhaetian Stage, Upper Late Triassic Epoch, Late Triassic.

Material: Associated dentaries, premaxilla and other cranial elements, and a disarticulated, partial postcranial skeleton including vertebrae and limb bones.

Referred material:

MCZ 10./G95: Partial maxilla with 3 molariform teeth.