Genus: Hangjinia GODEFROIT & GUO, 1999
Etymology: From hangjin Qi (Yikezhao Banner, Inner Mongolia, P.R. China), town near the locality where the holotype was found.

Species: chowi GODEFROIT & GUO, 1999
Etymology: In honor of Professor Chow Minchen, famous Chinese Paleontologist, for his invaluable contribution to the knowledge of fossil mammal faunas in China, and particularly in Inner Mongolia.

Holotype: IMM 96NMHJLII-1 (cast in Brussells, RBINS M1836)

Locality: 18 km southeast of Hangjin Qi, 39°54’323 N, 108°87’676 E, 1325 m. alt, Hangjinqi Banner, Yikezhao League, Inner Mongolia Province, China.

Horizon: Ejinhoror Formation.


Age: Early Cretaceous.

Material: Left dentary with fragments of i2, i3, p1, ?p2, ?m2.