Genus: Buginbaatar KIELAN-JAWOROWSKA & SOCHAVA, 1969
Etymology: In reference to Bugeen Tsave, Mongolia, and Mongolian, Baatar, “hero”: Bugeen hero.

Species: transaltaiensis KIELAN-JAWOROWSKA & SOCHAVA, 1969

Holotype: PIN 3487-1, -2 (old IGGP 62-b-2f?)

Locality: Khaichin Uul 1, Bugin Cav Region, Trans-Altaina Gobi, Bügiin Tsav, Bayankhonor, Ömnögov (South Gobi), Mongolia.

Horizon: Beds equivalent to the Nemegt Formation.


Age: Late Maastrichtian Stage, uppermost Senonian subepoch, Upper Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Material: Fragmentary dentition, consisting of left P4, posterior part of M1 and M2, right M1 and M2, preserved in natural position, fragment of zygomatic arch removed from the natural position and unidentifiable bone fragments.