Genus: Bridetherium CLEMENS, 2011
Etymology: Bride in reference to St Bride's Island, South Wales County, England, the name applied by Robinson (1971) to an area of modern exposures of Carboniferous limestone, including Pant Quarry, Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales, and Greek, therion, 'beast'.

Species: dorisae CLEMENS, 2011
Etymology: In honor of Doris M. Kermack in recognize her many conributions to the collection and analysis of vertebrates from fissure fillings in Wales.

Holotype: NHMUK M45693

Locality: Pant 4 fissure filling, Pant Quarry, South Glamorgan, South Wales County, Wales, Southern United Kingdom.



Age: Early Jurassic.

Material: Left lower mesial molariform.

Referred material:

NHMUK M45712, M45727, M45743, M45848-M45850, M45853-M45857, M45859, M45860, M45862, M45864, M45865, M45871, M45873, M45876, M45878, M45881, M45883, M45888-M45891, M45896, M45898, M45900, M45907, M45915-M45916, M45932: Upper mesial moliforms.

NHMUK M45851-M45853, M45858, M45866, M45884, M45887, M45894, M45903, M45908, M45911, M45914, M45919, M45927, M49528: Upper distal moliforms.

NHMUK M45695-M45695, M45700-M45702, M45704, M45707, M45710, M45713-M45716, M45718, M45721, M45723, M45727, M45730, M45733-M45735, M45738, M45740, M45742, M45750, M45752, M45754-M45757, M045760, M45762, M45767, M45769, M45772, M45776, M45781, M45784, M45785, M45789, M45791, M45793, M45798, M45800, M45804, M45806, M45809, M45814, M45817, M45819, M45822, M45826, M45827, M45837, M45839, M45842, M45844-M45846: Lower mesial moliforms.

NHMUK M45696-M45699, M45703, M45706, M45717, M45720, M45726, M45732, M45736, M45737, M45739, M45741, M45761, M45764, M45771, M45773, M45782, M45783, M45786-M45788, M45790, M45794, M45796, M45797, M45807, M45821, M45823, M45824, M45827, M45828, M45838, M45840, M45841: Lower distal moliforms.