Genus: Amphibetulimus LOPATIN & AVERIANOV, 2007
Etymology: Greek, amphi, 'both sides', and latin, betula, 'birch' (allustion ot Berezovsk Quarry), and Latin, mus, 'mouse'.

Species: krasnolutskii LOPATIN & AVERIANOV, 2007
Etymology: In honor of S. A. Krasnolutskii, who discovered teh Berezovsk locality in 2000.

Holotype: PIN 5087/3

Locality: Berezovsk Quarry, near the Nikol'skoe settlement, N55°39', E89°11', south Krasnoyarsk Territory, west Siberia, Russia.

Horizon: Itat Formation.


Age: Bathonian Stage, Middle Dogger Epoch, Middle Jurassic.

Material: Right dentary frgment with m3adn alveoli adn roods of m1, m2, m4, m5.