Genus: Voay BROCHU, 2007
Etymology: Malagasy, voay, "crocodile."

Species: robustus (GRANDIDIER & VAILLANT, 1872) BROCHU, 2007
= Crocodilus robustus GRANDIDIER & VAILLANT, 1872
Etymology: Latin, robustus, "robust": in reference to the robust construction of the skeleton.


Locality: Madagascar.



Age: Pleistocene Epoch, Upper Quaternary Subera, Upper Cenozoic Era.

Material: Skull, lower jaw and vertebral column, together with girdle elements and dermal scutes, representing at least 3 individuals.

Neotype: (as per BROCHU, 2007)

MOOK, 1921

MCZ 1006

Locality: Near Antsirabe, Madagascar.



Age: Probably Pleistocene, Upper Quaternary Subera, Upper Cenozoic Era.

Material: Skull.

Referred material:


MB.R.412.4, MB.R.4127.3: Fragmentary skull.

MB.R.4123: Dentaries.

MB.R.4120.1-3, 9: Teeth.

MB.R.4122.2: Left angular.

MB.R.4093.4.5: Cervical vertebrae.

MB.R.4092.5, 7: Dorsal vertebrae.

MB.R.4090.2, 3: Caudal vertebrae.

MB.R.4114.1, 2: Rib fragments.

MB.R.4097: Osteoderms.

MB.R.4107.1, 2: Femora.

MB.R.4112.1: Proximal end of a humerus.

MB.R.4113: Distal end of a humerus.

MB.R.4105.1, 2: Left and right ulnae.

MB.R.4110: 2 phalanges.

BROCHU, 2007

AMNH FR 3100: Partial skull.

AMNH FR 31001: Skull.

AMNH FR 3103, 3105: Mandibles.

AMNH FR 3104: Right mandibular ramus.

AMNH FR 3106: Vertebrae.

AMNH FR 3107, BMNH R2001, R2197: Osteoderms.

AMNH FR 17008, BMNH R2223: Ribs.

AMNH FR 17709, BMNH R2086: Right ililum.

AMNH FR 17010: Rigth ulna.

AMNH FR 17011: Metacarpal and phalanx.

AMNH FR 17012: Right astragalus.

BMNH R2002, 2103, 2194: Teeth.

BMNH R2026: Skull and jaws.

BMNH R2027: Osteoderms, including articulated nuchal elements.

BMNH R2081: Squamosals and parietal.

BMNH R2083: Partial right dentary adn left articular, surangular, and angular.

BMNH R2085: Caudal and trunk vertebrae.

BMNH R2087: Right femur.

BMNH R2088: 2 femora.

BMNH R2089: Right ischium.

BMNH R2090: Left humerus.

BMNH R2091: Radius.

BMNH R2093: Metatarsal.

BMNH R2102: Partial skull table and braincase.

BMNH R2192: Brancase and skull table.

BMNH R2193: Partial skull and jaws.

BMNH R2195: Vertebrae from at least 2 individuals.

BMNH R2196: 2 left humeri.

BMNH R2198: 3 ulnae.

BMNH R2199: Left fibula.

BMNH R2200: 3 femora.

BMNH R2201: Calcaneum.

BMNH R2202: 3 femora.

BMNH R2204: Partial skulls.

BMNH R2205: Partial right coracoid.

BMNH R2206: Ribs and caudal vertebrae.

BMNH R2211: Left fibula.

BMNH R2218: Vertebrae (trunk, sacral, and caudal).

BMNH R2219: Pathological dorsal vertebrae with fused centra.

BMNH R2220: Partial left femur, complete left femur.

BMNH R2222: Right radius.

BMNH R2401: Partial jaws.

BMNH R2402: 2 cervical vertebrae.

BMNH R3088: Distal caudal vertebrae.

MNHN 1906-16, 1932.80, 1908.5: Postcranial material.

MNHN 1932.80: Partial skull.

DAMES, 1886

Locality: Madagascar.



Age: Pleistocene Epoch, Upper Quaternary Subera, Upper Cenozoic Era.


Number: Not given: Humerus.