Genus: Tsoabichi BROCHU, 2010
Etymology: Shoshoni, tso'abichi, "monster"; in reference to the species occurrence in land historically inhabited by the Shosoni people.

Species: greenriverensis BROCHU, 2010
Etymology: In reference to its occurrence in the Green River Fromation and Green River Basin.

Holotype: TMM 42509-1

Locality: Wyoming (No other locality data given).

Horizon: Green River Formation.


Age: Wastchian North Americna Land Mammale Age (NALMA), Lower Eocene Epoch, Paleogene Period, Lower Tertiary Subera, Lower Cenozoic Era.

Material: Skull lacking premaxillae, mandible, several ostoderms and single hyoid ossification

Referred material:

USNM 9301: Skull and associated vertebrae, pectoral girdle/limb elements and osteoderms.

AMNH 3666: Anterior half of skull.

UCM 101064: Partial disarticulated skeletal material possibly representing multiple individuals.

FMNH PR 1793: Cast of complete, articulated juvenile skeleton in private collection.