Species: Nova BUSBEY, 1986

= Pristichampsus cf. vorax BUSBY, 1986


Locality: Aqua Fria Ranch, Brewster County, Texas.

Horizon: Devil's Graveyard Formation, Whistler's Squat local fauna, Buck Hill Group, Uintan.

Biostratigraphy: Whistler's Squat Local Fauna.

Age: Late Eocene Epoch, Paleogene Period, Lower Tertiary Subera, Lower Cenozoic Era and Oligocene Epoch, Upper Paleogene Period, Upper Tertiary Subera, Middle Cenozoic.


TMM 41372-588: Dentary fragment.

TMM 41372-16, 41372-766, 41372-767, 41372-768, 41372-769, 41466-8,
416573-3, 41443-633: Teeth.

TMM 41747-52: Left premaxilla and 2 unerupted teeth of a juvenile.