Genus: Limnosaurus MARSH, 1871
Etymology: Greek, limne, "swamp" and Greek, sauros, "lizard."

Species: ziphodon MARSH, 1871
= Crocodilus ziphodon MARSH, 1872

Holotype: YPM 1347 and YPM 5890, possibly also YPM 1348

Locality: Probably in Sec. 28, T 14N, R 115, Grizzly Buttes, Bridger Basin, Uinta County, Wyoming.

Horizon: Probably Bridger B of Bridger Formation.


Age: Bridgerian, Early Eocene Epoch, Paleogene Period, Lower Tertiary Subera, Lower Cenozoic Era.

Material: Teeth and a quadrate, cranial bones and osteoscutes.

Referred material


Number: Not given: A right quadrate, a pair of articulars, parts of a right angular a posterior cervical vertebra, parts of two rib heads, a few incomplete osteoscutes, and some small fragments.

Number: Not given: A quadrate, 2 teeth.