Genus: Iharkutosuchus OSI, CLARK & WEISHAMPEL, 2007
Etymology: In reference ot the locality Iharkut, Bakony Mountains, Hungary and Greek, souchos, 'crocodile' referring to the Egyptian crocodile-headed god.

Species: makadii OSI, CLARK & WEISHAMPEL, 2007
Etymology: In honor of Laszlo Makadi, in recognation of his helpful work in the Iharkut Research Program.
= Genus: Nova OSI, 2004, OSI, CLARK & WEISHAMPEL, 2005

Holotype: MTM 2006.52.1

Locality: A bauxite mine at Iharkut, near the village of Bakonyjako, Bakony Mountains, Hungary.

Horizon: Csehbanya Formation.


Age: Santonian Stage, Lower Senonian Subepoch, Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Material: Nearly complete skull.

Iharkutosuchus makadii (modified from Osi et al. 2007).


MTM 2006.53.1: Nearly complete skull.

MTM 2006.54.1-2006.56.1: 3 fragmentary skulls.

MTM 2006.57.1, 2006.65.1, 2006.66.1: 3 skull fragments.

MTM 2006.67.1: Parietale.

MTM 2006.68.1, 2006.79.1: 2 frontale.

MTM 2006.69.1: Supraoccipitale.

MTM 2006.70.1: Right angulare.

MTM 2006.73.1: Left premaxilla.

MTM 2006.77.1: Left squamosum.

MTM 2006.58.1-2006.64.1, 2006.71.1, 2006.72.1, 2006.74.1-2--6.76.1: 12 fragmentary mandibles.

MTM 2006.78.1: Right surangulare.

MTM 2006.80.1: 148 isolated teeth.

Referred material:

OSI, BODOR, MAKADI & RABI, 2016 (published 2015)

Locality: Ajka coal beds, Bakony Mountains, Western Hungary.

Horizon: Ajka Coal Formation.


Age: Santonian Stage, Middle Senonian subepoch, Lower Gulf Epoch, Middle Late Cretaceous.


MTM VER 2015.24: 2 isolated teeth.