Genus: Dongnanosuchus SHAN, WU, SATO, CHENG & RUFOLO, 2021
Etymology: In reference to the the fossil quarry located in southeastern China, and Greek, souchus, "crocodile," New Latin from the Ancient Greek Soukhos, name of the egyptian crocodile-headed god Sobek.

Species: hsui SHAN, WU, SATO, CHENG & RUFOLO, 2021
Etymology: In honorof Dr. Wei-Chieh Hsu who allowed the authors to study the specimens held by the Darwin Museum.

Holotype: DM000001-F000001

Locality: Dongnam fossil quarry, Maoming Basin, Guangdong Province, southeastern China.

Horizon: Younganwo Formation.


Age: Late Eocene Epoch, Paleogene Period, Lower Tertiary Subera, Lower Cenozoic Era.

Material: Skull.

Referred material:

DM000001-F000002: A skull with left quadrate condyle damaged.

DM000001-F000003: An incompelte skull with anterior tip of snout missing.

DM000001-F000004: A crushed but nearly complete skull with the mandible occluded.

MMC 001: Incomplte skull with damaged dorsal surface (= Maoming alligator of Skutschas et al., 2014).