Genus: Argochampsa HUA & JOUVE, 2004
Etymology: Greek, argo, the ship for Jason and the Argonauts, and Greek, champsa, "root for crocodile."

Species: krebsi HUA & JOUVE, 2004
Etymology: In honor of the late Prof. B. Krebs, Berlin.

Holotype: OCP DEK-GE 1201

Locality: 'Couche II', Oulad Abdoun Basin, 'Grand Daoui' Area, Morocco.



Age: Danian-Thanetian Boundary, Middle Paleocene Epoch, Lower Paleogene Period, Lower Tertiary Subera, Cenozoic Era.

Material: A nearly complete skull wiht mandibular fragments.

Referred material:


Rhinopolis Collection, Phosphate 1: Almost complete skull, without premaxillae, an anterior portion of a mandible, the axis, 1 cervical vertebra, the atlantal and axial ribs, 1 cervical rib, 5 vertebrae, the proximal heads of the right and left humeri.

OCP DEK-GE 333: A well preserved skull of a small individual.

OCP DEI-GE 1204: Poorly preserved skull, that preserves occipital area, parietal, postorbital, fragment of the pterygoid, and a rostral fragment.

Note: From "Couche IIb".