Genus: Aldabrachampsus BROCHU, 2006
Etymology: In reference to Aldabra Atool, and Greek, champsos, "crocodile."

Species: dilophus BROCHU, 2006
Etymology: Greek, dilophus, "with two crests."

Holotype: BMNH R8795

Locality: Cavity fill deposits in the Pleistocene Aldabra Limestone, Point Hodoul, eastern end of Aldabra Atoll, Western Indian Ocean.



Age: Pleistocene Epoch, Upper Quaternary Subera, Upper Cenozoic Era.

Material: Right half of frontal, posterior half of parietal, right and left squamosals, partial right exoccipital, partial right dentary, several partial surangulars, partial left artiualr, several vertebrae, left femur.


BMNH R8767: Partial pterygoid.

BMNH R8768: Partial right ectopterygoid.

BMNH R8769: Right premaxilla.

BMNH R8770: Partial right premaxilla.

BMNH R8771: Partial left premaxilla.

BMNH R8784: Frontal.

BMNH R8786: Right prefrontal.

BMNH R8789: Right ectopterygoid.

BMNH R8790: Left squamosal.

BMNH R8792: Right squamosal.

BMNH R9793: Left squamosal.

BMNH R8796: Fragment of dentary and left surangular.