Genus: Aegyptosuchus STROMER, 1933
Etymology: In reference to Egypt, where the specimen was discoverd and Greek, souchos, "crocodile."

Species: peyeri STROMER, 1933
Etymology: In honor of Prof. Bernhard Peyer.

Holotype: Nr. 198?

Locality: Bahariya Oasis, Western Egypt, North Africa.

Horizon: Baharija beds.


Age: Lower Cenomanian Stage, Uppermiddle Gallic Subepoch, Lowermost Gulf Epoch, Early Cretaceous.

Material: Left articular.

Referred material:

Nr. 177: Teeth, posterior upper end of skull, 4 cervical, 3 dorsal, 6 caudal vertebrae and a right? Os transversum.

Nr. 176: 4 cervical, 9 caudal vertebrae.

Nr. 75: Sacral vertebra.