Oogenus: Placcolithus ZHAO & ZHAO, 1998
Etymology: Greek, plac, “plate”,

Oospecies: taohensis ZHAO & ZHAO, 1998
Etymology: taohe, in reference to the locality where the specimens were collected.

Holotype: IVPP V11569.1; Field no. 7530.

Locality: Majacun, Taho, Xichuan, China.

Horizon: Majiacum Formation.


Age: Late Cretaceous.

Material: A nest with 9 eggs.

Referred material:

IVPP V11569.2; Field no. 7530: A nest with 5 eggs more or less compressed.

IVPP V11569.3-5; Field no. 7530: 2 eggs and 84 eggshell fragments.