Oogenus: Testudoflexoolithus bathonicae HIRSCH, 1996

Oospecies: bathonicoe (BUCKMAN, 1859) HIRSCH, 1996
= Oolithes bathonicae BUCKMAN, 1859

Lectotype: BNNH 37987/HEC186 (old BMNH R1809) "egg A"

Locality: Hareh Bushes Quarry, about 1 mile east of the east of Cirencester, Gloucestershire CountyEngland, Southern United Kingdom.

Horizon: Great Oolite.


Age: Lower Cretaceous.

Material: Lump of limestone with 3 or more complete eggs and parts of five others


BMNH 37987/HEC 186 :eggs B".

Referred material:

BMNH R3194: Complete egg.

BMNH 37987: Cast of eggs.

BMNH R499: Cast of eggs.

BMNH 40361: Fragments of eggs.