Genus: Lophostropheus EZCURRA & CUNY, 2007
Etymology: Greek, lophos, "crest" and Greek, strophe, "vertebrae"; in allusion to the prominent dorsal and ventral laminae present in the postaxial cranial cervical vertebrae.

Species: airelensis (CUNY & GALTON, 1993) EZCURRA & CUNY, 2007
Etymology: In reference to Couches d’Airel, Normandy, France, the locality where the specimen was found.
= Liliensternus airelensis CUNY & GALTON, 1993

Holotype: Caen University, without collection numbers.

Locality: Airel quarry, Couches d’Airel, Southeast of Cotentin peninsula, in the Carentan basin, Manche Department, Normandy, France.

Horizon: Moon-Airel Formation.


Age: Uppermost Rhaetian Stage, Uppermost Late Triassic Epoch, Latest Triassic- Hettangian Stage, Lowermost Lias, Earliest Jurassic.

Material: 1 tooth, 5 cervical, 2 dorsal, 4 sacral plus caudal vertebrae, plus part of ilia, ischia and pubis.