Genus: Aviatyrannis RAUHUT, 2003
Etymology: Latin, avia, ‘grandmother’, and Latin, tyrannis, genitive form of tyrannus, ‘tyrant’.

Species: jurassica RAUHUT, 2003
Etymology: The specific name referes to the Jurasssic age of the taxon; thus, the ‘tyran’ts grandmother from the Jurassi.
= Stokeosaurus sp RAUHUT, 2000

Holotype: IPFUB Gui Th 1

Locality: Guimarota lignite mine (Mina de Lignito Guimarota), 1.5 km SSE of Leiria, Leiria District, Portugal.

Horizon: Unnamed unit, Alcobaca Formation.


Age: Early Kimmeridgian Stage, Middle Malm Epoch, Late Jurassic.

Material: Fragmentary right ilium.

Referred material:

IPFUB Gui Th 2: A fragmentary ilium.

IPFUB Gui Th3: Partial right iscium.


= Tyrannosauridae gen sp indet ZINKE, 1998

IPFUB GUID 89-91: Teeth.



IPFUB GUID 91 (After Rauhut, 2000)