Genus: Pantydraco GALTON, YATES & KERMACK, 2007
Etymology: Abbreviation of Pant-y-ffynnon Quarry, South Wales County, England and Latin, draco, a fabulous lizard-like animal.

Species: caducus (YATES, 2003) GALTON, YATES & KERMACK, 2007
= Thecodontosaurus caducus YATES, 2003
Etymology: Latin, cauducus, "fallen"; referring to the fact that the holotype is an articulated specimen preserved in a fissure fill, indicating the animal may have fallen into the fissure and died there.
= Thecodontosaurus sp KERMAK, 1984
= Thecodontosaurus nova YATES, 2001

Holotype: BMNH P24

Locality: Pant-y-ffynnon Quarry, South Glamorgan, South Wales County, Wales, Southern United Kingdom.



Age: Late Norian-Late Rhaetian, Late Triassic Epoch, Late Triassic.

Material: A neary complete but disarticulated specimen, skull, neck, blade of right scapula, ventral end of left scapula, both coracoids and proximal ends of both humeri.

After GALTON, & KERMACK, 2010


BMNH P24/3: Right ischium.

BMNH P39/2: Left coracoid.

BMNH P59/5: Right quadrate.

BMNH P64/1: A series of 8 proximal-mid caudals.

BMNH P65/21: Right ectopterygoid.

BMNH P77/1: Right ilium, distal half of femur, tibia, fibula and pes of right hindlimb.

BMNH P126/1: Proximal end of right pubis.

BMNH P141/1: Basioccipital.

Referred material:

BMNH P6/1: Proximal end and shaft of right fibula.

BMNH P19/7: Left humerus.

BMNH P22/1: Phalanx.

BMNH P24/1: Mid-caudal vertebra.

BMNH P25/4: Ventral end of right scapula.

BMNH P27/1: Phalanx.

BMNH P27/3: Half of centrum and posterior part of neural arch of a cervical vertebra.

BMNH P35/1: Series of caudal vertebrae and chevrons.

BMNH P39/1: Two mid-caudal vertebrae.

BMNH P39/3: Large ungual, smaller ungual, two small phalanges and distal end of a larger phalanx.

BMNH P50/4: Cervical neural arch.

BMNH P52: Supraoccipital.

BMNH P57/1: Proximal end of fibula and distal ends of three digits of the pes of a right hindlimb.

BMNH P59/4: Mid-caudal vertebra.

BMNH P64/1: Series of caudal vertebrae and chevrons and distal ends of three digits of right pes.

BMNH P65/25: Mid-caudal vertebra.

BMNH P65/29: Mid-caudal vertebra.

BMNH P65/36: Cervical neural arch.

BMNH P66/1: Proximal end of right fibula.

BMNH P68/1: Posterior caudal vertebra.

BMNH P81/1: Cervical neural arch.

BMNH P82/2: Cervical neural arch.

BMNH P106/1: Right frontal.

BMNH P125/1: Right frontal.