Genus: Nova (TANKE Pers. comm..)

Holotype: 86.55.258

Locality: Pipestone Creek, Grande Prairie, West of Edmonton, Grande Prairie County, Alberta Province, Canada.

Horizon: Wapiti Formation.


Age: Maastrichtian Stage, Upper Senonian subepoch, Upper Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Material: Fragmentary skull. "Cybill"
Note: From a bonebed. Some skulls have a concave boss others a convex and a juvenile with both.


RTMP 88.55.80: Sub adult nasal horn.

TANKE & FARKE, 2003, 2006

RTMP89.55.1234: Nearly complete skull.
Note: Palaeopathology, left side of skull has a large circular penetrating lesion, 4 POLs, left squamosal, resorption zone, left squamosal, raised protuberance, left maxilla.

TANKE, 2004

RTMP 2001.1.11.1: Partial skull.

TANKE, 2007

RTMP 85.112.1: Skull roof, orbital and nasal boss.

RTMP 86.55.29: Dorsal rib.

RTMP 86.55.111, 87.55.285: Fragmentary skulls.

RTMP 86.55.206: Nasal boss.

RTMP 87.55.141: Posterior section of frill.

RTMP 87.55.156: Good skull, missing rostrum, palate, distal jugals, quadrats, quadratojuals, distal exoccipitals, parietal, and both squamosals.

RTMP 87.55.196: Skull roof.

RTMP 87.55.199: Snout region, rostrum, right premaxilla, anterior half of nasal boss, ventro-posterior left premaxilla missing. "Stephine".

RTMP 87.55.285: Complete front half of skull, anterior orbit margin to rostrum. "Bertha".

RTMP 87.55.304: Dorso-ventrally crushed skull. "Ashley".

RTMP 87.55.320: Rostrum back to both postorbitals to maxillae or braincase, distal jugal missing.

RTMP 89.55.188: Skull, left side with complete jugal, squamosal, exoccipital. Right side missing distal exoccipital, jugal, squamosal, both quadrato and quadratojuals missing. "Louise".

RTMP 89.55.427: Skull roof with nasals and orbital boss. "Zemona".

RTMP 89.55.1234: Skull with squamosals, but missing palate, distal jugals, quadrates, quadratojuals, and parietal. "Tara".

RTMP 2002.29.1: Nearly complete skull “Patty”.