Genus: Jiangjunosaurus JIA, FORSTER, XU & CLARK, 2007
Etymology: Chines, jiangjun, 'general', and Greek, sauros, 'lizard'; the generic name is derived from the desereted town of Jiangjunmiao near the holotype locality, named for an ancient general who died nearby.

Species: junggarensis JIA, FORSTER, XU & CLARK, 2007
Etymology: In reference to the Junggar Basin, the large geographical area that includes the type locality.

Holotype: IVPP V 14724

Locality: Jingjunmiao, Junggar Basin, Xinjiang Autonomous Region, China.

Horizon: Upper section of the Shishugou Formation.


Age: Oxfordian Age, Lower Malm Epoch, Lower Late Jurassic.

Material: A partial articulated skeleton, including partial skull, an almost complete mandible, 11 articulated cervical vertebrae, some ribs and 2 dermal plates.