Genus: Kwazulusaurus MAISCH, 2002
Etymology: From KwaZulu Natal, the South African Province where the holotype was found, and Greek, sauros, ‘lizard’ : KwaZulu Natal Lizard.

Species: shakai MAISCH, 2002
Etymology: In honor of King Shaka Zulu (c. 1787-1828), leader of the Zulu nation.

Holotype: BP 2792

Locality: Stoffelton, Polela District, KwaZulu-Natal Provicne, South Africa.


Biostratigraphy: Dicynodon Assemblage zone (formerly Daptocephalus zone).

Age: Tatarian Age, Lopingian Subepoch, Zechstein Epoch, Late Permian.

Material: Complete skull.