Genus: Brachyprosopus OLSON, 1937
Etymology: Greek, brakhys, “short”, Greek, prosopon, “face, appearance”, + us: Short face.

Species: broomi OSLON, 1937
= Brachyuraniscus broomi (OLSON, 1937)

Holotype: FMNH P25748 (formerly CNHM UC 1561)

Locality: Hottentots River, 1 mile southwest of locality where the main road crosses the river at Myburg's, South Africa.

Horizon: Middle Abrahamskraal Formation.

Biostratigraphy: Tapinocephalus zone (Dinocephalian zone KEYSER, 1979, SACS, 1980, KEYSER & SMITH, 1977-78, Lower Tapinocephalus zone, KITCHING, 1970, 1977, WATSON, 1914).

Age: Early Tatarian age, Guadelupian Stage, Middle Zeichstein Epoch, Middle Permian.

Material: Skull.